Our Vision

To become the leading brand in the provision of top notch Organic products and services and by extension build a healthier world.


Delivers superior quality organic food, drinks, and pastries through our mobile restaurants model for your convenience and we have:

House of Stazia
House of Stazia

Stazian Drinks

  • Stazian Energizers (Aphrodisiac mix)
  • Stazian Fresh Fruit Mix
  • Stazian Ofio Mix
  • Stazian Sorrel Mix
  • Stazian Cocktail
House of Stazia

Stazian Pastries

  • Stazian Healthy Loaves
  • Stazian Desiccated Coconut
  • Stazian Coconut Pancakes
  • Stazian Muesli Bars
  • Stazian Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
House of Stazia

Stazian Flours

  • Stazian Plain Coconut Flour
  • Stazian Multi-grain Cereal (Tom brown)
  • Stazian Cari Flour
  • Stazian Plantain Flour
  • Stazian Acha Flour


Delivers the purest of essential oils, distilled from the leaves, roots and flowers of plants that capture the potency of nature for therapeutic and health benefits and some of our products are:

House of stazia Stazia Neem-Oil 250ml
House of stazia Stazian Orange Oil 200ml

Stazian Orange oil

House of Stazia Stazian Coconut oil

Stazian Coconut Oil

House of Stazia .Salad with carrot, oil and greens

Stazian Carrot oil

House of Stazia, Stazian Avocado-Oil 200 -

Stazian Virgin Avocado oil


House of Stazia offers the best skin care possible, by using natural ingredients, specially formulated to meet the demands of your identity, personality and swag.

House of Stazia
House of Stazia; Stazia Black Soap

Stazian Black Soap

Stazian Orange oil/Beauty Care.

Stazian Coconut Melt

House of Stazia Therapy Aromatherapy

Stazian Whipped Moisturizer

Nigerian Delicacies

House of Stazia offers a unique blend of the best Nigerian dishes. Prepared with utmost care and consideration for the right healthy lifestyle.

House of Stazia Fufu and Vegetable Soup
House of stazia Rice Delicacy type

Rice and Friends

House of Stazia Chicken delicy

Life is good (nkwobi)

House of Stazia Salad

A perfect finish (salad)


At HOS, we deliver world class event experience through seamless planning and execution for AGMs, Board meetings, Birthdays, Weddings and other ceremonies that require a memorable stamp of excellence.

House of Stazia HUB


We understand the role of Capacity, Skills and Networking within the world of natural therapy and organic Lifestyle. To this effect, we have a dedicated unit responsible for the creation and execution of Natural and Organic driven conferences, seminars, summits, workshops and publications that will indeed scale the emerging Organic sub sector.

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House of Stazia (El-spice Media Limited) No 2 Tudun Wada ring road, Opp. Karibajo, off, Old Airport Junction. Jos. Plateau State, Nigeria.